Local Treasures

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If you are good at gardening, housekeeping, DIY, dog walking, decorating,
cooking, sewing, tutoring and more, you could be a Local Treasure.

Why become a Treasure?

Put your skills and experience to good use and earn money working locally.

Gardening - mowing a lawn, trimming a hedge, digging the flower beds or creating a rockery - all green fingers are welcome.
Home Skills - cleaning, ironing, shopping, childcare, cooking or sewing - our housekeepers do all sorts of jobs.
DIY - putting up a shelf, assembling some furniture, hanging wallpaper or fixing a leaking tap - your handy skills are in demand.
And so much more...tutoring, dog walking, office admin, cooking, elderly support, window cleaning, pet care, driving...tell us about your skills.

Being a Treasure gives you the flexibility and control to work how you want to.

A flexible way to work

Working as a Treasure can fit into your life and can give you the flexibility to achieve a proper work life balance.

Be The Heart Of Your Community

Being a Treasure puts you at the heart of your community and allows you to get paid using your wealth of skills and experience.

Your potential earnings

You will have the opportunity to earn over £20,000 per year – it’s up to you how much you want to work. Furthermore if you recommend other Treasures to join the business you can earn a finders fee.

We've got your back

It is important to us that you do well and are happy.  Our team back at base will support you at every stage and is on hand to help at all times.

Meet A Treasure

Trevor was one of the first Treasures in Petersfield. He originally worked on farms in South Africa but came to the UK and decided retirement wasn’t for him.

Trevor joined Local Treasures in 2013 and jumped in enthusiastically as a gardener. He now deals with over 20 customers a week who tell us they simply can’t do without him.


People already love being a
Local Treasure

  • Local Treasures has given me the chance to do the kind of work I love.  I took early retirement after working in the computer industry.   All my life I was a keen gardener and handyman helping my neighbours and family build, fix and maintain their property. Local Treasures took me on and now I work on a daily basis earning £12+ an hour.

    Gardener and Handyman

Flexible, Supportive, Valuable

  • Why

    A job that fits in with your life and is at the heart of the local community.

  • Approach

    A tried and tested business model where your skills can be put to good use helping customers.

  • Prosper

    The more effort and energy you put in, the more jobs you do and the more you earn. You can even earn money by helping to spread the Local Treasures word.

  • Team

    Head office support at all stages to become a Local Treasure, and help with spreading the word in your community.

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Be part of an exciting network which is committed to supporting people with skills and experience and who want to keep working.


A tried and proven model to follow.

Good Pay

Earn significantly above the minimum wage and receive extra for recommending friends or acquaintances to become Treasures and join our team.  Terms and conditions apply.


A supportive team available to help at all times.


A way of working that can fit around your life.


Be part of a business that is at the heart of your local community.

Flexible work with good rates of pay.


Join us in changing the way the world works.

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